The policy conference

The policy conference formed the core of the European Research and Innovation Days.
Divided into ambitious plenary sessions spanning the depth and breadth of research and innovation in Europe, and specialised hubs covering 10 pivotal themes, it brought cutting-edge scientific research to concrete global problems.

Participants were able to choose from 10 hubs and engage with sessions that interested them. These sessions gave the opportunity to listen as experts shared their insights, and get involved in game-changing conversations about shaping the future.

Each hub had a virtual front desk providing information on hub-specific topics, breakout rooms for dedicated discussions and meetings and a virtual meeting room for policy sessions.

Choose the themes
that interest you most

Hub 1 Hub 1: EU research and innovation policy
Hub 10 Hub 10: European Research Council
Hub 9 Hub 9: European Institute of Innovation & Technology (EIT)
Hub 2 Hub 2: The European Green Deal
Hub 3 Hub 3: Digitalisation
Hub 8 Hub 8: European Innovation Council
Hub 7 Hub 7: International Cooperation
Hub 4 Hub 4: Developing and implementing Horizon Europe
Hub 5 Hub 5: EU Missions
Hub 6 Hub 6: Smart implementation and synergies