HUB 7: International Cooperation

Global challenges need a global response: how research and innovation feeds into international cooperation

The Covid-19 crisis has made a strong and urgent case for strengthened international cooperation, highlighting the need to join up international efforts to face global challenges and find common solutions. Forward-thinking research and innovation policy steers resources and efforts towards the best outcomes for Europe and its partners. Building upon joint achievements, the upcoming Horizon Europe framework programme will further strengthen global cooperation in research and innovation in health, the green transition, innovation and digital.

Sessions in this hub covered

  • the future of EU relations in research and innovation with non-EU countries
  • association to Horizon Europe
  • the global responses to Covid-19
  • climate diplomacy

We also looked at how best to develop an international research and innovation space of common goals, principles and values, ensuring multilateral cooperation and purposeful openness.

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The world needs to come out stronger from this pandemic […] global challenges need strong international cooperation […] We will need to invest in innovation and research, redesign our economy and update our industrial policy.

Ursula von der Leyen, President of the European Commission