HUB 6: Smart implementation and synergies

Connecting the dots across European policies and programmes

Synergies between EU and other funding programmes - at both strategic and implementation level - strengthen the science base, support the deployment of research results and increase impact. Having a fully transparent and collaborative implementation framework is key to finding the sweet spot between simplification and risk.

Attendees had the chance to look at all facets of programme implementation strategy and synergies and discussed how they could ensure research and innovation delivers for society.

Sessions covered questions such as

  • what is the outreach and communication strategy under the new programme?
  • what is the new exploitation ecosystem?
  • how do we contribute to policymaking?
  • how will the digital transformation simplify and boost further interaction with stakeholders?
  • what have we learned during Horizon 2020 and the Covid-19 crisis?

Discussions have been enriched with insights from the EIT, EIC, executive agencies, joint undertakings and other players that make up Europe’s research and innovation funding ecosystem.

Check out the Horizon Europe implementation strategy
I am committed to delivering on a digitally transformed Commission, a user-focused and data driven public administration. This means building and operating digital government solutions in support of better policies and simpler administration. This will not only bring not cost-efficiency but greater coordination. We have come some way in this but the challenge today is also to modernise and rationalise our digital set up in a more open, secure and sovereign manner.

Johannes Hahn, Commissioner for Budget and Administration