HUB 3: Digitalisation

Making technology work for people

Europe is spearheading an inclusive and human-centred digital transformation.
Digitalisation can enable widespread citizen empowerment, help build new skill sets to suit future work needs and fight disinformation, ethnic and gender bias.

It drives innovation in everything from infrastructure and networks to preserving cultural heritage.
Digital technology is also key to ensuring Europe achieves its commitments in environment, climate and sustainability. It protects and promotes democratic values and processes and drives the data revolution at the heart of ground-breaking scientific discoveries, such as during the Covid-19 crisis.

Sessions in this hub explored

  • the huge potential of digital technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI) and big data for robotics and health
  • ethical challenges such as gender and ethnicity biases in AI and medical research
  • the profound societal and economic implications of digitalisation for the future of work and how to best advance digital skills in Europe
  • how to involve all players in the research and innovation lifecycle to ensure technology really does work for everyone and deliver on the promise of Europe’s Digital Single Market?
Learn more about the Digital Single Market
It’s not enough just to say that we want Europe to lead. We need to know where we think it should be leading. And that has to start with the values and principles, with the democratic spirit that make Europe what it is. So we can build a digital future that’s every bit as fit for Europeans as we are for it.

Margrethe Vestager, Executive Vice-President of the European Commission