HUB 10: European Research Council

Excellent research driven by scientific curiosity

The European Research Council (ERC), with its unique researcher-centred funding, is a recognised pillar of scientific excellence. Its grants were behind many recent discoveries, they propelled numerous scientific careers and raised the profile of European research on a global scale.

Sessions explored how the ERC supports some of the brightest minds across all research disciplines. Participants were able to learn more about the ERC’s competitive and flexible funding, which allows researchers to identify and explore promising fields and open up new opportunities for research and scientific breakthroughs.

During the Covid-19 crisis, the investigator-driven frontier research proved crucial in providing innovative - and sometimes unexpected – solutions.

In a must-see session, prominent ERC-backed scientists presented their research and shed light on how we can build a more resilient post-pandemic world.

In another session, participants were able to learn about the importance of public engagement and science communication for EU-funded scientists - straight from the laureates of the first ERC Public Engagement with Research Award.

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Designed by researchers for researchers, the ERC gives bright minds the freedom to push the frontiers of knowledge and has now become a model worldwide. It helps the EU to up its game at a global level in a decisive way in challenging times.

Jean-Pierre Bourguignon, Interim ERC President