HUB 1: EU research and innovation policy

Shaping future policy from the inside-out

This hub gave you the opportunity to be part of the discussions shaping forward-looking policy that is citizen centred and geared to the needs of everyone.

Sessions in this hub covered :

  • how the EU can best support national research and innovation policy reforms
  • what new instruments and funding sources are out there for this purpose, making Europe stronger as a whole
  • open science and knowledge sharing
  • the role of co-design and community interaction in ensuring EU research policy and the European Research Area are transparent and able to engage all players
  • insights about this co-creation process first-hand from the three current/future Council presidencies.

With Covid-19 as a test case, the risks of misinformation and the role of evidence-based policymaking feature across several hub themes. The importance of mobility – strengthening cross-border and cross-sector brain circulation – and research infrastructures as creative engines for the European Research Area form a little cluster of sessions towards the end of Day 3.

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Activities to boost EU innovation ecosystems will include in particular connecting […] actors and supporting the implementation of joint cross-border innovation programmes. These will foster, among others, exchanges of best practices and knowledge.

Mariya Gabriel, Commissioner for Innovation, Research, Culture, Education and Youth